Calico Ghost Town Testimonials

We stopped here on our way home from California. Its just outside of Barstow Ca. We expected to stay 30 minutes tops. We figured it didn’t have too much to do. We ended up staying 3 hours and could have stayed longer! The kids (7, 5 and 1) had a blast walking through all the different shops. The food was good and different at each place so we didn’t feel like there wasn’t much choices. There was lots of old fun picture opportunities, a fun slow train ride with educational aspects and an old Mine that you can go and explore. Reasonably priced for everything from entry fee, food, souvenirs and so much more. Great fun for the whole family. We will definitely go here again.

-Jessica H., Enoch, Ca  Trip Advisor Review 

Upon entering Calico Ghost Town(California), you will receive a brochure detailing its history and with a map. Less than ten people still live here, essentially qualifying it to be a ghost town. There are many buildings to visit, eat at, and shop at. There is also a train for viewing. The most interesting aspect for me was the Mystery Shack, where it is a crooked house of illusions and is loads of fun! In addition, if you climb up the stairs to a cliff, you get a magnificent view of the town, mountains, and the trains. If you are traveling in the summer, bring plenty of water and a hat because it can reach 110˚F. Wear tennis shoes to easily trek the paths.

-Miranda Chang, Newport Beach, Ca  Young Traveler Blog

Calico ghost town was a super cool place to go to because of the older western town feel. You can go in the mine and explore, pan for some gold/ silver and also go on a train ride. They have a campground that you can stay in overnight which would be great to see the stars at night and hear the animals in the night. Its a great place for any age.

-Chris M. Trip Advisor Review