Kenton Elliott Photography

Kenton Elliott

The Mayhem Brothers may sound like utter trouble and chaos, but it is not. It’s the loving moniker given to Kenton Elliott and his proverbial partner in crime Michael R. Gunterman by Ken’s loving wife Joyce. Together the pair explore and photograph intrinsic places like Calico Ghost Town in the Mojave Desert, a desert barber shop or tattoo parlor, or even a junkyard. They then tweak and overly stylize the images to bring out incredible detail. The result is an incredibly artistic and emotional representation of the original image. Ken and Mike produce images that literally make you feel as though you are in the image….that you were some 1800’s gun-toting miner blasting holes in a mountain claiming your riches. Perhaps a chick braving a post-apocalyptic earth or an urban tattoo artist with a canvas of stories up for display.

CalicoGhostTown.Net is pleased to share Kenton’s work and passion with our guests. His vision of Calico Ghost Town conveys the raw emotion and love for the town we all feel. Please take a look at his work from Calico Days 2017 or browse his work on FB.