Calico Rock & Gift Shop

Established in 1934 by Larry Coke. This Legacy Store featured locally sourced minerals & artifacts like Onyx, silver and petrified wood. Today, the Calico Rock & Gift Shop visitors marvel at the many beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry, accessories, and home decor items.

Early Days of the Rock Shop

The first known Rock Shop in Calico dates back to the mid 1930’s. It was established by Larry and Lucy Cokes, who at the time, were the only “miners” left in Calico. The Cokes spent about 10 years in the town refining the tailings left behind from the silver rush. Due to advancements in technology, they excavated about $4 of silver per ton, which at the time wasn’t too bad. During their off times they would explore the mines and surrounding areas collecting artifacts and minerals. As a result, their collection grew. They decided to open a “museum” in what is today’s Lil’s Saloon building, with a small rock shop built on the front of the building.

Eventually, the Cokes left Calico.


Calico Rock & Gift Shop Legacy

For many years, there was no active rock shop in Calico. That was until Walter Knott bought and restored the town in 1951. His first Caretakers, Fred Noller and his wife, opened a shop, resulting in the beginning of the Official Calico Rock & Gift Shop. Subsequently, purveyors have upheld the store as a purposeful endeavor meant to preserve the legacy of the town.

Tumbleweed Harris Painted by Joan Wright 1976

Locally Sourced and Beyond

Not withstanding the Cokes time, the Calico Rock & Gift Shop has been open since the early 1950’s. Therefore, it’s one of the oldest stores in Calico Ghost Town. This visitor favorite features many minerals, fossils and crystals from around the Calico and Mojave Desert Area. Guests will find Native American jewelry, belt buckles, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, magnets, cuffs, belts made from crystals, turquoise, precious metals, minerals, and stones during their visit. Certainly, you should stop by and see for yourself or follow us on Facebook!